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Plan your trip

When you plan your trip to Copenhagen, we want you to do it as sustainably as possible. Start by considering arriving by train or bus rather than plane if possible.

The choices you make - make a difference.

You can easily get around Copenhagen either by foot, bike or public transport. If you choose to go beyond Copenhagen to the rest of the region it is very well-connected by train. Greater Copenhagen business region also includes the southern part of Sweden and Malmø is only 39 minutes away over the bridge crossing the sound.

Copenhagen is known as a mekka for nordic cuisine and many restaurants are leaning towards a more plant based and organic menu. Good advice is to eat local produce, seasonal and less meat if possible.

Accommodation can also be more or less sustainable and many hotels hold eco-certifications.

Go to VisitCopenhagen's Sustainable guide to Copenhagen for recommendations on hotels, restaurants, and activities

Watch the video: Sustainable Copenhagen

Click here to watch VisitCopenhagen's Sustainable Copenhagen video (Youtube)

The video describes 10 different ways you can act sustainably when visiting the city.